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Many popular Open-Source applications use Php in order to render webpages quickly and efficiently. The ecosystem has evolved over the years, and large companies like Facebook have written nearly their whole company on Php. It is estimated that 75 percent of the websites throughout the world use Php. For example, WordPress is written in Php (as well as Javascript, Html and MySQL). The ability to process data and convert it to a pretty blue web page is done, thousands of times per second throughout Facebook’s Datacenters.

Being able to run websites on multiple versions of Php is kind of a big deal. Right now, we have a client that is running on a platform from GoDaddy, and that client is forced to run Php 7.3. The bottom line is that Php is a great platform, but there are hundreds of Open-Source applications that require either an older or newer version of Php.

Author: Aaron Kempf
After 23 years in Professional Software Development, Aaron has learned a few lessons or two. The choices that companies make EARLY in their growth are the most critical factors in determining their success. Throughout his lifetime, Aaron's embrace of technology has created a strong network of friends, partners and family. We look forward to having you join the family.