WordPress Performance Audit


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We can look at the Performance of you WordPress website, and run some tests. We are SURE that our experience doing this can help you to get things working better

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There are a 430 million WordPress websites in the world. WordPress is used at the Top Level CMS for 40-55% of domains. If you start looking at SUBDOMAINS, it is estimated that WordPress has 90% of the websites in the world.

That is such an amazing statistic.  I really hear people every day who fall in love with this product. But they always come back and complain about the performance.

There are many things that we can do in order to analyze performance. We have many years of experience working with Linux and Web Servers. We know that we can help you to find solutions to make your website faster.

What does the process look like?

  • We Start With A Survey.  We want to get basic information from you before we start this process
  • We run some tests
  • Our Analysts and Systems Administrators can sift through all of the data, and start trying to prioritize the recommendations for you
Author: Aaron Kempf
After 23 years in Professional Software Development, Aaron has learned a few lessons or two. The choices that companies make EARLY in their growth are the most critical factors in determining their success. Throughout his lifetime, Aaron's embrace of technology has created a strong network of friends, partners and family. We look forward to having you join the family.